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Cleaning Services

Carpet Repairs

We can do any carpet repair from cigarette burns, bleach spots, iron burns, fireplace burns, freyed carpet, carper stretching, pad replacement for stubborn stains, tack strip exposed, seams are coming undone, pad replacement for pet damage, pad replacement for flood damage, and bonded inserts (patches) for any permanent stains. Give us a call we do it ALL!

Carpet Dying and Color Repairs

We can do a full dye on your carpet or spot dying in just a few areas for bleach spots, heavy stains, or discoloration of carpet. Our color restoration is 100% guaranteed.

Carpet Stretching

If you see bubbles or ripples in your carpet most likely what you need is to have your carpet re-stretched. In order to properly re-stretch the carpet the room should be empty. In some cases we can get the ripples out without removing everything but we cannot guarantee they will not come back. When we re-stretch your carpet we take the carpet off the tack strips that holds it in place, and stretch it and tack it back down all the way around the room. We use a power stretcher reinstall your carpet, this guarantees smoothness all around. If you hire someone to do a full and complete stretch of your carpet, make sure they use a power stretcher, because it is impossible to get the required full stretch without it.


Carpet Cut and Patch is the most cost-effective alternative to replacing carpet due to permanent stains (such as nail polish or certain candle wax). We will replace the damaged carpet with a piece that has been removed from an inconspicuous place, such as a closet, or leftover remnants.

Seam Repair

We have all the tools and equipment to repair any seam.

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