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Color Restoration

If your carpet is heavily stained or has lost its vibrant color we can help. Don't spend the money on carpet replacement. We can dye your carpet and make it look brand new again.

Color Restoration: Before and After photos

True Clean has a special method to dying carpet. No other company does this same color restoration technique. The owner himself has created a unique method to dye carpets. Our customers have said many times that we do the best dyes they have ever seen, you cannot even tell the carpet has been dyed. We can either spot dye carpet for bleach or other stubborn stains, or we can dye the entire carpet. We have many color combinations to choose from. The dying procedure is completely safe for your family and pets.

We first inspect your carpet. We clean and treat and then begin the dying process. It is all done at the same time and in less than 2 hours for an entire house.

If you need a spot dye you do not need to move all your furniture. If an entire color restoration is needed the areas would need to be completely empty before the process can begin.

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